Here’s some good news for all IMDb users who just cant live a day without checking it out to keep pace on all the recent developments in Hollywood and also various other movies related stuff  like promos, official trailers etc. The official IMDb app for Android has recently received an update which allows you to view movie trailers in 720P HD. Users now have the option to view movies in 720P, 480P, or “standard resolution”. With the update, you are now able to define the quality of movie trailers if you’re using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

In addition to adding HD trailers, the update also brings along some bug fixes that weren’t detailed. So, overall, the app should work better while giving you access to high quality trailers.

If you haven’t already tried this app, head over to the Google Play store or just download it from here

IMDb updates Android app, now lets you watch 720p trailers

(The app can also directly be installed by scanning the QR code above)


Source: Phandroid