Everybody likes to be in control, Google has kept this in mind when making the Android 4.0. A lot of people really like the fact that ICS users can disable a lot of system applications. System applications sometimes are no use for us, and keep on eating away at the battery in the background. What Android 4.0 does, when you disable a system app, is that it does not delete the application completely, just pauses it, so it doesn’t keep on being a nuisance.


There are a number of system apps which you should not mess around with if you are not crystal clear on what your trying to do. The phones (One X and One S) running HTC Sense 4.0 have a lot of such apps which should not be messed around with, yet they are quite intriguing enough to make you want to shut them down. According to a review of both these phones there are system applications, like “phone and “dialer” to name a few. The strange bit is that there are two separate contacts apps as well, having a measly size of 8k and 28k respectively. Now the reason why you should not mess around with shutting these apps is because, if you disable one of the contacts apps, the phone and the dialer app stop working. If you disable the other contact apps the phones whole User Interface (UI) resets. (which would be very very bad for your device). This is not it, if you will disable the phone or dialer app, then the debugger goes completely hay wire. Trust me when i say this, you do “Not” want this to happen!

As these phones are relatively new, the reason as to why this happens has not been disclosed by HTC as yet. It will not be too long when the phones will be shipped off with a more stable version, hopefully the final version of the software, pure and without any bugs. So till then, what we at Talk Android Phones suggest is that those who own these devices running HTC Sense 4.0, just enjoy it the way it is for the moment. As, at this moment messing around with your new phone just does not make any Sense (pun intended).