Archos is planning to update its G9 series tablets to overcome certain issues and bugs reported in the earlier version. The company expects to solve issues with HDMI and WiFi with this update. G9 series tablets including Archos 80 model and also Archos 101 tablets will be updated to the latest firmware of Archos.


The update is termed Android 4.0.5 update. VPN connection failing issue will be fixed with this latest update. Touch screen issues with the earlier version are also solved with this update.

The greatest advantage of this update is the solution to the audio issues that was heading out with HDMI-out. The features like videos and gaming functionality are also enhanced with the new update.

There are options to download this update from the official website free of cost. One can be assured that this update will surely solve all the drawbacks mentioned with the earlier versions. This update gives more flexibility and comfort of usage which in turn will reflect upon in the improvement in sales of G9 series tablets.