Google has just now updated its UI in the Google Maps app. This new update is mainly focused on the Navigation menu. With this innovative refreshment, the ICS menu button is now removed from the interface. It is replaced with a much bigger and easy to press menu design which is provided just over the ICS soft keys.

This change was intended to provide more security. In addition to this, the large buttons and the larger fonts used in the new update helps to use Google Map much easier when on move.

Moreover, many grid type layouts are provided all through the entire application. These grid type layouts have given more comfort to the users. Earlier they had to do scrolling through the list layout.

This simple UI update with more enhanced accessories has made this an efficient tool apt for the travelers. Although there has not been much changes when compared with the previous version, but still the small differences are expected to make this more user friendly and effective.

The admirers can download this new update which will take only few seconds when using 4G LTE.