As the saying goes nothing is perfect, so seems the case of any consumer device. When it comes to handsets though design flaws normally tend to surface sooner rather than later. Even though companies take pains taking time to go over the device so even the minutest of details is checked, yet flaws occur. If any one of you remember that expensive little device which you had to hold in a certain way so not to lose reception.

Doesn’t matter how big a company is , no one can avoid the “design flaw syndrome”.  If you can recall, when the Nexus One was launched, it had major multi-touch issues, or when the HTC EVO 4G was released, due to improper mounting of screens, resulted in cracks on the device body. Recently HTC has seemed to caught this bug too, to be more precise, an issue has risen up for their 2012 flagship phone the One X.

The HTC One X released in UK last week and according to reviews by Cnet, the device has some minor build quality issues. The problem, in context is that the screen gets discoloration when a finger is pressed hard on either side of the device. A ripple effect on the screen can be seen where the finger is placed.

Now even though this minor issue can be seen on a lot of device screens, this is not the cause of concern.

Natasha Lomas from Cnet mentioned that just gripping the device tightly can cause unwanted screen selections, even without touching the screen.

Now this can be made a bit clearer as to what Natasha is saying by this video:

This problem was addressed to Mr. Daniel Hundt, Creative Director for Design Consultancy, and he said: “I was not aware of that — maybe this is not a shipping build. He also assured that the company would never let a device be allowed to ship with such an issue. Well one question still remains is that the issue is limited to demo versions given to the press for reviewing, or the design flaw would be found in retail units as well much to the horror of  consumers.

All users who are using the One X have found such an issue?? Any issue for that matter.  Feel free to comment and give us your views.


Source: Cnet