Fun video sharing application dubbed as Keek app is ready to get updated on to the Android devices. It can be used to share short video clips. This new app facilitates the users for sharing videos at multiple social networking sites.  It also enhances superior device compatibility along with various other bug fixes. Keep app also enables users to

  • Watch Keeks of other users
  • Track & subscribe to other users
  • Search for people & Keeks
  • Edit Keeks and captions
  • Post comments & Keekbacks
  • View profiles of other users
  • Share Keeks on social networking sitesk

Moreover, Keek allows users to watch and post micro videos. It also lets to share quick video updates with friends. The users can download this free application which will work highly compatible with any iPhone, Webcam and Android devices.  It makes video clip sharing quite easy and an enjoyable experience.