PC gaming has been in for more then a decade now and one of the key jargons which every PC gamer has to have in his/her vocabulary is “overclocking”. I still remember the painful and sometimes intimidating steps it took to overclock anything on PC, yet today, companies are releasing Android apps that let you do it on the fly.

EVGA has announced its  Android version of its Precision X tuning software through which you can have your games running their beautiful virtual worlds in immersive high resolution on your PC screen. On your phone, meanwhile, there’s a touch sensitive interface for tuning your CPU and graphics clock speeds without flicking back to the desktop.

Initially it was ASUS  who introduced overclocking via a smartphone with its Republic of Gamer boards a few years ago, but EVGA does seem to have caught up. The Precision app will enable you to take control of your BIOS settings from the moment you hit boot thanks to a Bluetooth connection to the motherboard and take control of all the tweaks available in the new GeForce GTX 680 line of GPU processing chips. The EVGA Precision X app connects your phone to your GPU via Bluetooth, giving you a view of its performance and the ability to set fan speed, power limits and frequencies.

(Check video below to get an in-depth view of  what the app has to offer)



Source: Droid Life