Android operated rice cooker is out in the market. Panasonic has announced the features of their new masterpiece SR-SX2 rice cooker. The device works with RFID technology.


This device provides the user friendly menu to control the settings of the rice cooker. It has the elegance and user friendliness of Android smart phones. Type of rice can be selected by the user. Temperature and timer of the device can also be set by the user.


Key features

  • User convenient settings
  • Easy modification of applications
  • RFID technology assures flexibility in usage

There is a blue icon on the device. The user can tap the device right on that blue icon to start the process. For a fresher in cooking the device even provides assistance with good recipes.


This product will be a surprise package for Android lovers and also rice lovers. Aspirants are eagerly waiting for similar products from Samsung in future as well. This mind blowing product can be purchased at a price tag of $1075.