Android has taken over the world by storm in the past few years, whenever some one mentions the word ICS or Android, you would normally figure it to be concerning a phone or a tablet. Other than the usual, Google are developing their Project Glass (android glasses), well they have again come up with a brilliant new way to use their Android OS, believe it or not, there are Android 4.0 running LED TV’s  are on their way to the market.

Joining hands with Lenovo, Google have come up with the first of its kind ICS running LED TV’s, Lenovo had unveiled their K91 55″ LED TV back in January at CES 2012 running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Recently Lenovo have launched their new model K71 LED TV. The LED comes with a fascinating number of features such as :

  • 42″ LED screen
  • 1.5 Ghz processor
  • Android 4.0
  • 8GB built-in storage, expandable via SD card
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi support
  • HDMI support
  • USB 2.0 support
  • 3D capabilities
  • Gaming Remote Control


The device is launching in China for a wopping $1030, so if you really want to spend some bucks, then this is what your are looking for. The worldwide release date for the Lenovo K71 have not been announced yet, we will keep you informed as soon we get the news for its release. What do you think about an ICS running LED, would you be interested? Give us your comments.

Source: Engadget