Here’s some good news for all Chrome lovers who have recently received the ICS update on their Android devices. Today Google updated Chrome Beta for Android with a bunch of requested features and made it available in 31 additional languages.

Now Android 4.0 users in all countries where Google Play is available can install the app. New features include:

  • You can now request the desktop version of a website, in case you would rather not view the mobile version.
  • You can now add bookmarks as shortcuts on your home screen, so you can get to your favorite sites faster.
  • Choose your favorite apps to handle links opened in Chrome.
  • Have a proxy setup for Wi-Fi access? You can now use Chrome with the system proxy configured in Android settings.

For all those who use Chrome on your desktop, you might also want to check out the latest Chrome Beta that now lets you access tabs on “other devices” including your phone and tablet. The mobile version of Chrome could already access tabs open on the desktop version, so it’s nice to see this feature finally included.



Unfortunately, the app is currently only supported on devices running Android 4.0 which means that the rest of us (non ICS users) will have to wait to get a taste of it although no official word is out as yet whether Google would be launching it for pre-ICS devices as well. The free app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store