Rumors have been flying around since February about Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage service but nothing had been confirmed as yet….till now. Google have finally announced that it will be launching Google Drive on Android, iOS, Mac, and PC next week, and the service will come with a free 5GB of storage

Google’s 5GB drive will work off the block with both Windows and OS X systems, including “in desktop folders,” though how, specifically, remains to be seen. Presumably you’ll be able to access your files on a computer, phone, tablet or through a browser, make changes and see the file updated on all devices immediately. As for iOS support versus Google’s Android platform, there’s no word, just that Google’s support pages already list document editing support for the Android-specific Google Drive app.

Google Drive will also feature a built-in document editor, suggesting that Google Drive may be more of an extension of Google Docs than a standalone cloud storage service, though users will likely be able to upload multiple types of files to Google Drive. The service could also be a complete re-branding of the Google Docs platform, with an expansion for multiple file types and also an increase in the amount of available storage.

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Source: Time News