Now here’s a news which is going to leave everyone shell shocked specially all the console gamer’s out there. Qualcomm have recently announced that it expects to offer console level GPU performance in the not too distant future, generally hinting that its Adreno 3xx GPUs would get us there. NVIDIA shared this graph today that gives its take on where PC, console and mobile GPU performance will land over the coming years. There’s nothing too revolutionary here but it does provide an interesting visual for much of what the GPU vendors have been talking about for the past couple of years.

The solid lines are estimated performance, while the dotted lines are trends. According to NVIDIA, somewhere in the 2013 – 2014 timeframe is when we’ll get Xbox 360-class GPU performance out of mobile SoCs. The console line only has two points (Xbox and Xbox 360), while the mobile line starts with the original iPhone, moves up to Tegra 2 followed by the Tegra 3.

It would be a remarkable achievement in the mobile realm, and it would be exciting to see what developers do with such power. Tegra 3 likely has the ability to get close to that quality, but the sad truth is that most games are developed for the common folk, and most of them don’t have hugely-power GPUs inside their phones. It’s just like getting a multi-platform game on console: the PS3 might be able to handle more than the Xbox 360 can (given the right developer). However the mobile world is different and developers definitely are willing to make versions of their games optimized just for Tegra. Hopefully, if the SoC line does eventually get to that point, we’ll be seeing some great games taking advantage of all that console-like juice