Clarion has now come out with a 6.5 inch Android powered car stereo. Earlier we have seen the flexibility of Android in various devices ranging from video glasses to robots. Now it’s the chance of car stereo.

In this new android powered car stereo, one can also find audio-in and Bluetooth connections apart from the indispensable music and sound management. Social networking services including Facebook access is also provided.


The stereo system having 6.5 inch touchscreen runs on Android 2.2 OS platform. It is powered with all the features which a standard Android smartphone possess including telephony. To enjoy digital music, SD card and thumb drive options are also built-in.

Moreover, various apps including Google maps and Angry Birds are incorporated. Another notable feature in this android powered car stereo is built in GPS module. Photo slideshow is also enabled in this stereo system. All these features make it a perfect companion for travel.

The price as well as release date of this amazing product has not yet been unveiled.