According to reports made by the Korea Herald, LG Electronics have clearly shown their disregard to the adaptation of Windows Phone in their upcoming cellular devices. Instead LG are focusing on Android for their future smartphone releases noting that “The total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure.”

LG has not been doing too well lately, thanks in large part to their rival Samsung dominating the market. Nokia has also been struggling, but they have already become the leading Windows Phone vendor. The company claimed that the partnership between it and Microsoft remains good but the plan to focus on Windows Phone, initially announced in 2009, has not worked out for them financially.

LG ended up losing money for seven straight quarters and only recently turned a profit. As a result they lost a lot of market share, especially with HTC and Samsung having a winning portfolio of Android devices. One can claim that LGs offerings for Windows Phone have been extremely flat with only the LG Quantum, limited to AT&T and a few regional carriers, showing any real innovation.

Despite being only one of two hard-keyboard Windows Phone devices it never sold well anywhere. Even the LG Jil Sander phone was a bomb having constant price fluctuations, in fact the phone was considered as “cheap and unexciting” by most of its users. Clearly Nokia, HTC and Samsung are the future of Windows Phone and for the time being, LG should continue focusing on its Android Devices rather then switching onto something which has time and again proved to be a failure (no disrespect to its R&D team in anyway)