These days if you own an Android device, it becomes virtually impossible not to utilize it to the fullest. That being said, one of the major addictions for every Android owner is the number of full-screen apps like games, movie players etc which if once launched, do not show any notifications while the app is running. The notifications include SMS prompts, T0-Do Notes etc. When receiving a message, your phone might vibrate, but you’ll get no info on what kind of message you just received. NotifierPro and SMS Flash are two apps that are designed to help with this. First let us give a brief insight of what  NotifierPro has to offer.

np1 np2 np3

NotifierPro provides a notification overlay that appears above whatever you’re running. This includes full screen apps like games, as well as the notification shade itself. If you’re looking for customizability, this is it. You can pick and choose which apps get notifications and, in the paid version, customize the service by application, set actions for gestures, and tweak a host of other options.

Now lets bring our attention to the second app which is tailor made for all those simple people who do not need this kind of detailed customization and just want to see what their text messages say while they’re playing their favorite game lets say Angry Birds, SMS Flash is a perfect solution for them.

flash1 flash2

SMS Flash is an app that opts for simplicity of customizability. The notification will display over whatever you’re doing without disrupting the touch controls of the app you’re using. So, if you’re playing a game, and this notification covers a control, you will still be able to tap the control. The notifications are transparent as can be seen from the opaque profile picture and hence are quite unnoticeable. The app is also fully functional while you are watching a video and operates flawlessly without any known disruptions.



Both apps offer a nice little addition to Android’s built-in notification system, which is already extremely good so it entirely depends upon the choice of the user whether they want to go with the multi-option NotifierPro or the hassle free SMS Flash ?

Which one would you prefer to use ? Let us know in the comments below.