Dysania is a new game designer in the market. Their little masterpiece “Coloroids” is a fun and exciting survival game: it starts off easy but soon enough you will notice it gets quite difficult! Whatever you do, do not look away: planet earth might be destroyed before you know it!

Coloroids are basically multi-colored asteroids will fly out of the asteroid fields heading for planet earth. It is your task to throw them back into the asteroid field with the same color, with the help of a rocket ship and a metallic moon for times where you might not be able to handle the barrage of coloroids hurling towards earth. Are you skilled enough to compete against other people from all over the world and get the best high score?


– Addictive survival gameplay!
– Multitouch coloroids throwing!
– Worldwide high scores with Openfeint
– Awesome art!
– Suitable for all ages
– A lovely catchy tune to whistle (not kidding you)!
– A round does not take very long (unless you are a cyborg or god), perfect to play on the toilet
– Post your high score to your Facebook wall


This game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, here is the link to COLOROIDS