Topdollarmobile run by GY Telecom Ltd has over 16 years experience dealing with second hand mobile phones and recycling them wherever possible in accordance with environmental regulations. They have been providing competitive prices for old mobile phones that you will not find elsewhere. Although the cash return, policy is attractive; as it looks; many user reviews have been in confusion regarding service terms.


Will they actually buy my mobile phone?

So do they actually buy my mobile phone? They sure do. Search their extensive list of mobile phone models that will be traded in for cash returns and you will be amazed to see that almost every mobile brand and models are accepted. You just need to look for the mobile phone, which you would like to trade in and register yourself. Topdollarmobile will send you all the information that they need from you and a free post envelope, to send your phone to them. If you have more gadgets to trade, they give you free courier transfers.


What after they buy my mobile phone?

Topdollarmobile will buy your old phones and collect them through the post free of charge, check them and pay you within five days of receiving the device. Moreover, your phone will be disassembled for finding reuse opportunities, and the rest will be recycled as far as possible. Topdollarmobile offers to buy my mobile phone across a variety of models of different mobile brands. Thus, get cash returns for trading in your mobile phone and at the same time do your bit for our environment.