Android has been soaring in the market for quite a while now toppling over Giants, the smart phones are being sold like hot cakes, the problem Google is having though is boosting the success of its Google TVs. The problem arises as this technology is purely new and is still considered to be in beta mode at the moment, even though Google TV’s 2.0 has come up with major improvements,but Google will not stop there and is constantly trying to improve on it.


Google in order to establish its Google TV’s in the market, joined hands with Sony, in a meetup/press conference in Palo Alt0, California, they unveiled their next generation Sony Google TVs and also talked about the platform.

The panel present there talked mostly about the nature of Google TV and what it has in store for us in the future (though they didn’t say much). The main attraction of the meet up was a non-working prototype of a new Sony set top box. The box comes with a next-generation remote, which has never been seen before with any of Sony’s previous TV’s or set tops.

As is was still a prototype version, they did not mention much about the specs, but the new remote is uniquely double sided, with a keyboard on one side and a track pad and buttons on the other. The set top box would bring the Google Experience on any TV, and would be available by summer, stated the Sony team.

The device has yet to be priced, so a lot of details are still left. Well till then we’ll just have to wait for when Sony and Google officially launch it. Do give us your comments on what you think about Google’s initiative with Sony, would you buy it? Here are a few teasers for you all, Enjoy!!

Videos Courtesy: Phandroid