Samsung had started rolling out the ice cream sandwich update earlier this year for the Galaxy SII. This time around the update will finally reach users having the Samsung Galaxy Note.


According to reports coming in from all overĀ  the update is available for OTA (over the air) download. According to German users the update has not come via OTA yet, but not to worry they can download the update via Samsung Kies.The firmware build is XXLPY, which is android 4.0.3. The update will definetly take a while to reach users all around the globe. The Galaxy Note carrier branded versions will take time depending on when their carrier approves from Samsung. The reviews for whats new in the the Note with the ICS update will surely been given soon. Till then guys wait for the update to come. The wait will be worth it. Do comment whats new if your Note has recieved the update.

Source: Engadget