Flipboard is a combination of  Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader streams, which are put together in the form of a magazine. This app was once iPhone exclusive, but it has finally made its way to the Android world. The user can choose the category of news he or she wants to view on the app.

The app was supposedly to be officially launched with the Samsung Galaxy S3, but a sneaky developer from xda got his hands on the APK of the file from the demo unit of the S3, and made available on the net before its time. The only difference found in the iPhone/iPad version from the Android version is the scrolling of pages. In the iPhone the pages turn sideways giving a book sort of effect while the Android version kind of lives up  to its name “flipboard” and actually flips up like a note pad.  I’ve personally tested the app on my Galaxy S2 and it works like a charm, the scrolling well flipping in this case is very smooth and makes reading news more appealing.

The app is available for download via this link XDA Developers.