Apple and Google are two giants in the world of innovative technology and both of them have contributed a lot to establish the concept of the Smartphone. To do this they both have developed their own operating system for the Smartphone. The operating system developed by Apple for their Smartphone named as iPhone is iOS when the operating system developed by Google is Android.

Both of these two leading Smartphone operating systems have proved to be the best but still there are some differences between them. Let’s see which areas are where they have significant differences. Here we will try to compare these two OS according to Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Apple’s iOS 5.

Simplicity in UI:

Apple’s iOS is known to be very simple to use as most of the tasks are quiet easy to perform with the common known icons. But there are number of hidden tricks in the iOS 5. But Android Ice Cream Sandwich is a bit more complex compared to the iOS 5. The new users may have to face difficulties in finding out everything that they can do with it. The app tray is also not in the center or front.

Integrated Music:

With the starting of iPod and iPhone with iTunes, Apple has already created craze among the generations and this has made the iOS 5 special. With integrated iTunes you can easily buy, store and play music easily. But the Google’s Android ‘Google Music’ is still going through a development process which needs even more time to cope with the iOS 5.


For great mobile photography Apple’s iOS 5 helps a lot. The camera app interface is also a very simple and easy to use. But behind the simplicity there is a great editing option available in iOS 5. The HDR mode is also a nice one of iOS 5. The lens and image sensor also play a vital role in this sector.

Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich is richer than iOS 5 in features in this regard. With built in panorama mode and photo editing feature Android has created its own world of mobile photography. But depending on the Smartphone manufacturer’s products this may vary from phone to phone.

App Store:

In the field of app store iOS is far ahead from Google’s Android. With more than half a million apps Apple’s app store is the world’s largest app store. Though all of them are not up to the mark but still it’s better than any other.

With almost 2, 50,000 apps the Google app store is also getting richer with the passage of time. But still it will need time to compete with Apple.


Another exciting feature of Apple’s iOS 5 is its iMessage service. With this app the users of iOS 5 operating system based Smartphone will be able to text to other iOS 5 users without any cost. But Android has no such feature as the pre-loaded Google talk is not like a texting app like Apple’s iMessage or BlackBerry’s BBM.


For syncing music iCloud of Apple is a great resource for the iOS 5 users. This significant feature performs over the air syncing, so no USB connection is required for connecting to pc. Google’s Android OS also has the over the air installation features of apps. Google Music is such a service but still it needs some more development to be a really killer one.

So, it is quite clear that both Apple and Google have borrowed ideas and features from one another and also from other developers. So, ultimately the users are getting the benefit of having even more powerful Smartphone.

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