It is being presumed that the upcoming version of the versions of the android applications will be regarded as android jelly bean. If not all obviously the Android OS will be nothing but a jellybean. The new name is being guessed by the experts to see Google tradition of naming the android applications after sugar and snacks items. It is not known to anybody in particular that which other model will belong to this category. However, it is not possible also to know to what is going to be next version where you can run the Ice cream sandwich of Android.

To see the trend of Honeycomb; it is being guessed by the Google team that the Android tablets and other large screened devices will termed as jelly bean. The possible items can be the netbooks or the notebooks items that can dual boot both the Android and the windows. The coming jelly bean will be able to run both the window and the android applications simultaneously without asking for shutdown for any of the two. It is being suggested by experts that if the android developers want the device to be accessible in iPhone it will need better and more advanced promotion.

The Features

The world is waiting eagerly to give a look at the latest jelly bean creation by android which is about to hit the market within a few months. It is still a presumption (as no sure news is available) that the Android 5.0 will be the jelly bean version where a user can run the coming android Ice Cream Sandwich comfortably.
The all new jelly bean version of Android is expected to combine the features of

• Honey combs
• Gingerbread

Though it has not been announced officially, but the presumed devices have already created a buzz over internet. According to reviews, the coming application will be equally popular like the other android applications. Some are expecting that there will be a few games changing stuff.

The Google chrome

Very recent Google introduced a beta for its chrome browser to search android devices and it is being suggested that Google will get the prime authority to promote the up coming jelly bean releases. Among different other features, the latest chrome to browse android devices will allow the android user to catch up the tabbed browsing. Earlier this feature was available for windows phone 7 and the iOS. However, from now onwards, users of android phones will be able to gain access to these features. The latest chrome beta for the jelly bean android have been praised by the experts for its ability to rendering fidelity, for its fast performance and for the in-page browsing facility.


What to expect

Though it is said often that for more applications mote battery life is needed but the jelly bean android developer have included latest features that will not require that much energy. It is supposed to work for maximum time and even when you play 3D games for long time, you may not need to charge it frequently.