Google have made an interesting announcement today regarding its Google Maps which would be accessible offline from now on. That’s right, no more will you be required to burn a hole in your wallets by spending extra on data connection; or if traveling abroad (or on a subway, for instance), you’ll be able to navigate without having to pay.

The offline features of Google Maps include a Pan Zooming mode through which you can zoom all the way down into street view. Google also showed off a backpack-type Street View rig powered by Android, which shows a detailed view of streets and roads specially for those places where cars cannot go through. Sounds impressive eh ?

Besides the offline capabilities,  3D modeling in Google Earth is also supported. As we all know by now, Google always tries to make things better all the time and with that in mind, its modeling has taken a big leap forward with the use of airplanes and oblique mapping, with computers doing some serious number crunching to make things impossibly smooth.

The service is currently in transition mode and will be available for both Apple and Android devices very soon.