Foursquare for Android has got a completely new makeover thanks to a few key changes  in its latest version 5.o. The app gets an ICS supported UI along with a few more new functionality that should make checkin process a bit more interesting and more engaging. Another important feature worth mentioning would be the new “Explore” tab and the new map view which gives a clear view of overlaying points of interest and the current location of all your friends.

There is plenty to like about the app’s new look and new features, it might even offer something that could draw in those that gave up on Foursquare months ago, which I suspect is the aim here. It’s always nice to see this sort of overhaul come into play when things do happen to get a bit stale.

With Foursquare you could do the following:

*See what your friends are up to and share your experiences.

* Get personalized recommendations for where to go and what to get, based on what you and your friends like.

* Save money with discounts and freebies from businesses.

* Discover insider tips and suggestions from local experts, brands and celebrities.

* Follow curated lists of the best spots to go, or create your own lists to share with others.