When it comes to the world’s most powerful Android devices to-date, very few names sprung up in our heads and one of them would definitely be The HTC One X which is currently one of the most popular (and powerful) Android devices on the market. Now, however, we’re seeing some reports surface from users that there may be a very specific WiFi problem on the device, which adds to the reports of very bad lag while playing games. It looks like the issue that has been discovered this time is caused by an iPhone 4-like death grip that, when held just the wrong (read right) way, causes the device to drop WiFi bars quite rapidly. We had earlier reported a similar issue at the time when the One X was launched in April.

This issue is in fact more serious than it actually sounds, as XDA Developers user, bigoliver, reports that such issues can affect Bluetooth, GPS and battery performance as well. Confirmed by numerous users, squeezing the back of the phone between the camera module and the volume rocker may result in improved WiFi signal, dropping back down when the phone is released, if this test works on your device too, it’s clearly one of those with the pertaining issue.

An official Statement has just been received from HTC regarding this issue:

HTC is committed to delivering a high quality product and great experience for all of our customers. We investigate all reported issues and if a hardware or software change is found to improve a customer experience, it will be deployed to all applicable devices according to our standard, required processes. We apologise for any inconvenience customers have experienced and appreciate your patience as we work quickly to investigate this issue.

Check out the XDA source thread for more info, specifics on the fix, and everything else related to this issue. Be sure to let us know in the comments if your One X is affected, and how you got it resolved. Also check out the video below that demonstrates a WiFi antenna test showing exactly what happens to the signals when the device is held in the wrong way.