Verizon had saddened hearts when they had announced the death of their “unlimited package”. Now they have launched their new “Share Everything Package”. The package allows upto 10 devices on a single account, while sharing unlimited voice minutes and text messages.


Initial smartphone access runs $40 a month.Data is shared with as many as 10 devices with the following breakdown.

  • 1GB shared data – $50
  • 2GB shared data – $60
  • 4GB shared data – $70
  • 6GB shared data – $80
  • 8GB shared data – $90
  • 10GB shared data – $100

The good part is that  Wifi hotspot access is included, so basically the network will be used from the original data package only and no additional charge will be required for this privilege.  This plan will come into effect from June 28th. So any body up for this offer?

This will give you a better idea.

Source: Verizon