Now here’s a game (more of a mind soother) from VectorBloom Technologies which is going to leave players (mostly girls mind you) in a pleasant trance once they start playing. The game itself is quite simple to play but the one major attraction which it offers are a number of beautifully composed tracks by well known music producer, DJ and musician ill-esha.

Big Top Ballet offers simple gaming mechanics that come in the form of 12 wonderfully designed mini games with amazing music which captures various aspects of human emotions. Players have to build a kaleidoscope of spinning paper ballerinas by attaching floating costumes. Each ballerina that spawns spins faster as you go, if you drop too many costumes it’s game over.

When the monarch butterfly arrives, your task is to activate these paper ballerinas epic transformation by flying the monarch through magical hoops. If you play to win, you’ll be rewarded by the beauty of the ballerinas magical transformation into butterflies as the music lifts you up and takes you away. The game is free and available to download from the Google Play Store.