Samsung have hinted towards an October launch of the Galaxy Note’s successor, the Galaxy Note II which is set to take down the   iPhone 5 which is also scheduled to be launched during that same time period. Initially the launch of the Galaxy Note II was scheduled for a year end launch but since Apple are launching its highly anticipated device in fall, the South Korean giants decided to go head to head (as they have been doing since the last couple of years) with Apple.

The Galaxy Note II model will use an unbreakable plane (UBP) display, which is a precursor to the flexible display. The thinner display will also allow for a slimmer design by giving more space for the baseband core chip and application processor (AP). Rumours suggest that the device will have a larger display than the current model at 5.3 inches, while also having a longer battery life and sturdier build/weight to increase shock-resistance against potential falls.

It will also feature a quad-core processor, which allows faster processing speed for multi-tasking. Samsung also wanted to make sure a few more top-of-the-line specs made the cut, like a high resolution 12MP camera along with Google’s latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. All said and done, the Galaxy Note II promises to be capable enough to take over the torch from its fast selling predecessor.