Google had teased us with their Project Glass, and people were still wondering when this technology will come to pass. Google gave a block buster announcement at Google I/O that the Glasses are here, and will be available at the beginning of 2013.  The Glasses are expected to be on of the best Android Accessories till date.

The Google Glass will not be available for the general public as yet though,only for the attendees who have per-ordered it at Google I/O. The Google Glass Explorer Edition will be for a wopping price of $1500, so you’ll have burn a deep hole in your pockets to get one of those.

Hopefully the price will not be the same when it is officially released for the general public, till then the developers have to get their grimy hands on the beta test devices. If the device once released stays at the current price would you go for it? Let us know.

At the Google I/O event they gave a small demo of the Glasses, I wont spoil the surprise so check the video out and find out!