Chilibite Games, the developers of the recent hit Stuart Bunnies Circus, have just released another game which features the Mordis who are a bunch of cute and fluffy creatures that are by no means weak.

The Mordis is an adventure puzzle game that requires players to help the fluffy little creatures get past obstacles in an effort to save their captured friends from the evil Mr. Sugar. This is done by going through 28 levels split in four worlds, filled with obstacles and dangers, which you must avoid by using the limited tool that you are given, or you could complete these levels without using a tool at all which although may be difficult but it will surely grab you a few bonus points. There is also a selection of choice between four Mordis each who have a certain special use.

To pass a level a certain amount of creativity is required. The puzzles in these levels too are a bit challenging but can be easily overcome with a mixture of creativity and pure logic. The Mordis has an impressive physic-based game engine which means that no two levels and actions will ever be the same. Coupled with its eye-catching graphics and amazing music it defiantly has all that is required for a great game.

Some of the features that this game has to offer are as follows:

– Multiple tools and solutions to each scenario
– Beautiful graphics and 4 amazing worlds to discover: Grassland, Desert, Arctic, and Volcano.
– 28 different HUGE levels
– 4 different, funny Mordis characters
– Avoid hazards and dynamic obstacles
– Stunning effects: explosions, snow & sand storms
– Realistic physics
– HD & MD versions

The Mordis can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free but to unlock more features and levels you have to pay for it. Even though many features will require the player to pay for them, The Mordis would still be a wonderful game even if those features are not unlocked.