Finally SquareEnix, the developers of the Final Fantasy series, have released the series’ third installment’s official English version for android supported devices.

Final Fantasy was a RPG developed and published by SquareEnix in 1987. It was an instant hit and was the first game in the Final Fantasy series, a series that now boasts of fourteen games with a continuing storyline and countless spin-offs, prequels and sequels not to mention its own books and art novels.

In Final Fantasy III the player takes control of four orphans who are drawn to a crystal of light which grants them powers and instructs them to bring peace and balance to the world, but if they fail all of the light will be robbed from the earth.

In terms of the gameplay, Final Fantasy III is not that much different to both Final Fantasy I and II apart from the reintroduction of the Experience Point System and the debut of the Job System, which has become almost a trademark feature of the FF games.

The graphics have been greatly improved and redone for the game’s Android release. There are also a few animated story sequences which are added only for the Android version of this game. A new soundtrack too has been added. The design of the UI is incredible and has one of the best touch-panel controls for an Android mobile or tablet.

The storyline of Final Fantasy III isn’t too complicated nor is it too elaborate but it still does keep a player hooked wanting to know more, add to that its new and improved graphics and animations, this is defiantly a game that a RPG gamer should experience. Final Fantasy III is now available on the Google Play Store for $15.99/£10.9.