Kairosoft, the developers of successful simulations games like Pocket Clothier,Cafeteria Nipponica and Mega Mall Story,have just released another game on the Android market titled The Sushi Spinnery.

In this the player takes control of a small revolving sushi restaurant with hopes of reaching the very top and making it the best in the world, but here its not just about serving the customers with mind blowing sushi but the atmosphere and design of your sushi bar too affects how satisfied the customers are when they leave your sushi restaurant.

As one progresses in the game new ingredients are unlocked. Also some new ways to entertain and satisfy your customers too are unlocked such as a salad bar or even a sumo ring. Much of your progression and rise to the top relies how well you understand what the customer wants as some would be  overcome with joy by being shown two huge sumo wrestlers fighting it out right there as they sit enjoying their sushi…others not so much.

Like most of Kairosoft’s games, The Sushi Spinnery too is a simulation game which uses the same game engine as some of Kairosoft’s previous hits. Although many such sims-styled games have come and gone for some reason this game is a tad more enjoyable than the rest.

The Sushi Spinnery is available on the Google Play store for $4.99/£2.99