If you’re a dedicated zombie killer then have we got news for you. MadFinger Gmaes, the developers of Shadowgun, have just released another one of their amazing FPS games titled Dead Trigger.

If you’re a serious android gamer then you must have experienced or at the very least heard about Shadowgun and its amazing graphics as well as a very strong game-engine…well this time MadFinger Games have improved on that.

Although it may seem that the only thing you have to do in Dead Trigger is to mindlessly kill the mindless zombies by blowing a hole in their heads…its not. There are various different levels in the game in which you have to complete certain tasks. You may have to stay alive until the timer runs out, in another you may have to collect boxes, which are scattered all over the place, as quickly and quietly as you can.

Dead Trigger is available on Google Play store for $0.99/69 p but this only buys you the basic game. There are many more levels and weapons that have to be unlocked with money. Some of these can be unlocked by the money you earn in game, while others can only be bought with real currency.

The fact that many of the weapons in this game have to be unlocked by cash may be a turn-off for some gamers, but with more than 40 hours of gameplay and the amazing 3D graphics that Dead Trigger has to offer, I recommend this game to every android gamer out there.