Its just been a couple of months since the (much talked about) launch of Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S3 and it has already received two significant Over the Air (OTA) updates. The first update which was released in June focused more on stability of the device and even though there weren’t any performance related complaints from any of its customers, Samsung still wanted to take no risks with its “Marquee” device.

Just recently, the South Korean Company released another update which is worth mentioning. This time around it has made substantial changes to the user experience. More specifically, we now have slider controls for device brightness, better options for audio, more toggles in the power menu, fixes for AccuWeather, and a lot more.

Now before you all get too excited, let me remind you that at this point in time, the update is only confirmed to be going out to the unbranded international versions of the device. Carrier specific devices will have to wait until adaptation and testing is done.

If you haven’t been prompted to install the new software package just yet, you might want to go ahead to your settings menu and manually check for updates. The firmware’s build number should be I9300 XXLFB, according to reports, but that will, of course, vary from one specific version of the S3 to another whereas the update itself is around 73 MB.

I’m sure that some of you hoped that the next OTA upgrade pushed to the Galaxy S3 would change that little “0” after Android 4 to a magic “1” but it’s still nice to see Samsung so interested in making its customers happy, although that doesn’t yet entail rolling out Jelly Bean. We will keep you guys posted on any further updates and developments as soon as we get a tinker.