Nexon, the makers of the mega MMORPG title MapleStory, have released MapleStory Live the Android and iOS counterpart of the original PC title.

Nexon has already released two other titles on Android devices, MapleStory: Cygnus Knights Edition and Thief Edition, but, with MapleStory Live, the makers have practically just created an exact copy of the original MapleStory universe, just in 2D, for Android users.

The original MapleStory was a never ending game, with it receiving new updates regularly and Nexon hopes to set MapleStory Live in the same path. Nexon is hoping that as long as MapleStory is played and is receiving updates, MaplseStory Live should too and so it has been decided that MapleStory Live will be receiving frequent updates of new maps, weapons, armor and missions  to keep the gamers satisfied.

Nexon is also offering a one time “gift” of either 3,000 bonus candies (equivalent to $3.00) or receive the items ‘Shadow Zamadar’ and ‘The Negotiator’ for submitting a review and rating the game on the Google Play store. (This offer is restricted to US residents only)

You can get the lite version MapleStory Live right away from the android market, or you can spend $4.41 to get the deluxe version which provides your character with that exact amount of money as in-game currency for a little head-start.