This time we’re going to report about a not-so-well know indie game developed by Etsuko Amada, an independent game developer from Japan, titled Adventure.

Etsuko Amada is a well known developer in the indie community and she has released a number of games for Android devices and all of these games have been critically acclaimed . One of her previous game Runner featured a fox as the playable character and in Adventure the fox returns.

Adventure is a basic jump and run game with simple graphics and retro sounding music that makes the players wonder if they are playing the game on their Android devices or their cherished Sega.

There are two enemies in the game, Monsters and Bees. The player can jump on these to gain extra points or they can duck to avoid the bees. Their are bags of money scattered all over the level and the main objective of the player is to collect those bags ASAP without dying, which obviously happens when a bee or monster hits/stings us.

If you area fan of good, quality games and are dying to get away from those commercial, ads-filled, games then Adventure is the game for you. You can download Adventure from here.