Huawei have been considered to be the under dogs in the international Android market. The company does not mind being refereed to as the under dogs, yet it seems they have a massive problem when it comes to people pronouncing their name wrong. They seem to be dead serious about it as they went as far a to make a video about it.

After seeing this video, i realized that we have been pronouncing the word all wrong, usually it was pronounced as “HOW-WAY”, but that turned out to be completely incorrect. The actual pronunciation is “WAH-WAY”, though it feels weird for native English speakers to saying it, but that is the right way.

The company in recent years have enjoyed a high boom of profits, around $32 billion last year alone. The Chinese company is trying to get its paws in the international Android honey pot, and the figures show they are heading in the right direction. So guys better say the name right.

The video below shows Huawei teaching the folks of New York, how to pronounce the name correctly!!!