Chicken Revolution

Gamevil, the popular mobile-based game developer and publisher, has just released another game, titled Chicken Revolution, in which ,amazingly, the chickens are the bad guys.

The monster wave genre that became famous a few years back features various negative characters, ranging from zombies to plants, but now Gamevil has added a new baddie to this genre…chickens.

In Chicken Revolution, the player is tasked with keeping the revolting chickens inside the farm, and the only thing that is keeping the chickens from escaping is the fence, and so much of the gameplay revolves around strengthening and fortifying the fences and not allowing the chickens to escape.

A Chicken Revolution ipa V106

We also get in direct contact with the chicken, smashing and bashing them ( Yeah that’s animal cruelty) with a range of weapons including bats, tomatoes and pumpkins. There are also a series of skills that will be unlocked in-game which will effect both the player and the fence. These weapons and skills are especially needed when one is faced with Chicken Wizards and Bombers.

The game features nice graphics with good textures and some great sound effects,that, coupled with its smooth animations and the game is a treat for the eyes and ears. Though they were a few instances when the game would lag, but the recovery was quick and mostly our device’s fault.

A Chicken Revolution ipa V106

Chicken Revolutions is a free-to-play game and all the upgrades inside the game are free too, but if you feel like that certain upgrade is taking too much time, then you can quickly head over to Gamevil and complete a few offers to get them.

A Chicken Revolution ipa V106

Chicken Revolutions is available in the Google Play store and you can get it from here.