Tweeting is the new “IN” thing these days, and if you not aware of it,  then sorry my friend your living under a rock. Twitter keeps getting updated from time to time, the recent  update though brings with it a bunch of nifty new changes. In the new version 3.3 if a tweet is linking to a site which is partnered with Twitter, then the tweet can be expanded to show a preview for example, if the site has any videos.  Then the expanded view will show us the videos on that particular link. This comes really handy as once the link is clicked on, you get navigated away from your twitter page. So, this little update helps you give a glimpse of the site.

Not only this but in the new version, you now get push notifications of the user you wish to follow. The user has to just visit his profile and turn this option on. Though it seems it will eventually replace the previous process of getting tweets via sms. The search engine also got fine tuned, so now the auto complete feature works better than ever, making it easier to search for people.

If your Twitter app has not updated automatically, then just give the Play Store a visit and get it from the link here.