Amazing Alex

A couple of days back we had reported that Rovio’s next, Amazing Alex, will be releasing in two days time, well the game has finally hit the stores and has received an overwhelming response from all.

Like Angry Birds, the game Rovio is famous for, Amazing Alex is also a physics dependent game but with a very different approach.  The game is set in Alex’s room with the objective changing with every level. The objective may be as simple as to open a closet or to move the book, but in this game, with more than 35 objects at your disposal, points will be given to for your creativeness. The gameplay is simple, arrange those objects is such an order that a chain-reaction between them would help you complete your objective. The more complicated the set-up the more points you get.

Amazing Alex already has 100 levels, with Rovio promising that more would be coming soon. This, coupled with the option of creating your own level and sharing it with your friends, is sure to keep you occupied for a long time.

Regardless of how this game compares to Angry Birds it is still a great game that is sure to keep you occupied with its challenging levels, fluid graphics and witty sound effects. This is a must-have game for ant Android enthusiast. There are three standard editions, with an HD version coming in at $2.99, a normal paid version for $0.99 and a free trial version.