When you were young, and you tried and tried, that for some miracle you would be able to throw webs like Spiderman, or teleport somewhere like Nightcrawler. That was the time DC and Marvel Comics reigned supreme, from the wait in the long cue at the book store for that new issue of a Dark Knight comic, or the contentment you get when you finally get to hold it in your hands. We all group up reading comics, and though we have all grown up, doesn’t mean we stop reading them.


Comics  by comiXology is one app that will make us remember those good old days at the book store,  with a collection of over 20,000 comics available for download. Some are free but the rest you’ll have to shake your wallet to get them, but all purchases are well worth it. The Publishers of this app include Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Archie and many more. The special thing about this app is that it is the only app in the Play Store that has Glide View Technology, which makes viewing through the comics a wonderful experience.  So go on and relive your childhood with all your favorite superheroes at Comics on Play Store now.