Most of us would remember Metal Slug 3, the old game we spent hours playing in the arcade, well after coming to both the Xbox and Playstation 2, the game has now finally been released for Android.

The original Metal Slug 3 was a simple shoot-everything-in-sight kind of game that many of us cherished. When it ported to the Neo Geo and both the consoles, not much changed but, SNK Playmore, the company that has released it for Android, has gone ahead and re-designed the game made the gameplay much more fluid and making the textures smoother, while at the same time keeping the essence of the game intact. Apart from the classic Arcade-Mode SNK Playmore has also added a new Mission-Mode that promising to give the players a whole new experience.

Metal Slug 3 Features:

– 2 game modes to choose from: Mission and Arcade
– A whole lot more Slug vehicles to command. More than the original game had.
– Multiple paths and routes to the end of the game with the branching map system.
– Co-op gameplay available via Bluetooth
– Comes with OpenFeint Achievements and Player ranking

Also SNK Playmore is on its way to make an online multiplayer version of the game as well the would very much be like an MMORPG but no official announcements have yet been made.

Metal Slug 3 costs $ 7.50 Which is pretty high for a game, but those who have played this game for hours on end, like me, would know exactly what they would get for that money…pure ecstasy.

You can purchase Metal Slug 3 from here.