Plug In Launcher, is a very simple app which lets you control/assign an application to launch either when you plug something into the headphone jack, or when its plugged into a powered USB port. In fact, it can pair one app to your phone’s 3.5mm headphone jack and another to your USB port, letting it launch, say, a music player when you plug in headphones, and perhaps an alarm clock while you’re charging it overnight, saving you a button press (note: the “Would you like to launch” message is optional) each time.

Once installed, this nifty little app (like any other Android utility app) keeps running in the background and eats up approximately 5.7MB of memory and has the ability to restart itself when you reset your phone. Furthermore there is an option included within the app to have a dialog pop up, which is incredibly useful; sometimes you just want your headphones in to listen to YouTube, and you might not need to tether every time you plug in. Definitely worthwhile. The Pro version of the app has support for pairing Bluetooth and other WiFi devices as well.

Overall, this isn’t one of those apps that I can really go in-depth about, but I feel that everyone should have it in their toolkit. It adds some customization that Android is famous for, and makes certain actions a breeze. The question remains, though what would you like to launch with this handy little app ?