With the release of “The Dark Knight Rises” just around the corner, Ubisoft have released new details and a trailer of The Dark Knight Rises: The Game.

The Dark Knight Rises: The Game will be the only official game of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman movie, so be ready for an amazing game. The game is releasing this Friday and its predicted that it will catapult the Batman hype to a whole new level.

“The Dark Knight Rises” is an open-world game with scripted missions and randomly appearing events featuring jail breaks, bomb squads, car chases, and hostage situations in Gotham City.To defeat the enemies the players will need to master a complex and cinematic combat system in addition to the Dark Knight’s customary gadget goody bag. In addition you can collect hidden objects in the city to unlock upgrades and new skills.

Apart from the punching and kicking, gamers will also have to use thier special equipment and gadgets such as the grappling gun and Batarang for various missions. The players can also explore the roads of Gotham City with The Bat pod or fly away using the Bat.

We’re all waiting for the new the new Batman game and by the looks of its trailer we can surely expect an amazing game.