Deity Wars

DeNA the Japanese game company behind thee successful Rage of Bahamut, have released their latest trading card game, titled Deity Wars, on the Android market.

The Japanese have somewhat of an obsession with fantasy card games, where you collect cards, build a deck and battle it out with other players or bosses. The latest from DeNA studio delivers us that and a bit more. It features some interesting gameplay mechanics which you seldom find in TCGs. An example of this the the use of hidden treasures named “Materials” that can be used to create your own original cards.

Deity Wars Features:

・Over hundreds of beautiful cards that change their form by “Evolving”!
・Collect hidden treasures called “Material” to improve your cards and to create your original card!
・Defeat the various bosses with your friends as your allies!
・Build a  “Guild” and battle against other guilds and make your guild No.1!
・Defeat “Raid Bosses” with your friends and acquire fabulous rewards!

You can download Deity Wars for free but there are a number of optional in-game purchases available as well which you can buy in order to get a head-start. You can download Deity Wars from here.



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6 Responses to “Deity Wars -Another TCG for Android”

  1. Borysek says:

    If you gonna to play in it here is my ref: VAP9294
    (if u use it u get Legendary CP Ticket – there is no n or hn in Legendary cp tickets, only Rare and up also there is 4x chances for sr and ssr now)

  2. LukeKnopf says:

    Deity Wars Referral Code INJ5412

    Deity Wars is almost exactly Like Rage of Bahamut (Rage of Bahamut Referral Code dtb89980 btw 😉 ) It’s from the same company after all. You collect Cards, evolve and enchance them (like Pokemon). You do some quests and find new Cards. After some time you get better Cards and grow stronger, form alliances and battle other players. But there are some new features: 1) You can enchance your cards with materia (“stones” that make your card stronger) so it will indeed be unique in the end. 2) You now can use a deck against Bosses, though they seem tougher ;). It’s a nice concept that worked with Rage of Bahamut so if you liked it, you most liekly will feel familiar with this one. Though in my opinion the artwork of RoB is better. Of course you can use a Referral Code INJ5412, it will give you some nice gifts and me too, so thanks.

  3. Abhorror says:

    Similar to Rage of Bahamut which is a very good game, but Deity wars excels in every aspect. Use referral code SBT8726 to get a nice starting boost!

  4. Windknight111 says:

    XQT5157 = Referral code. Find me in game. Giving away rares. NO ROOM!

  5. Richfong says:

    Please consider using my referral code, TWA1661.

    You will receive a Legend Card Pack at the end of the tutorial for using it.

    Thanks, and have fun!

    Referral Code: TWA1661

  6. Use my code BLQ6257 for at least a Rare.
    Help me help yourself =)

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