After a small gap, Glu has now released another one of their driving games named Mutant Roadkill, but the setting and objective are something we see in few games. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and you have to drive over zombies-like mutants to escape.

The game and its objective is simple. You have to escape from a barren wasteland, filled with mutants and other hazardous creatures. Luckily you have your favorite car with you that is conveniently fitted with an armor and weapons of your choice.

Mutant Roadkill Features:

– Intuitive tilt and swipe controls make driving and shooting easy!
– Blast your way through hordes of unique mutant types!
– Use nitro boosts and electro shocks to increase your odds of survival!
– Earn coins to buy better cars and power-ups!

Like most of Glu’s previous titles, Mutant Roadkill too is a free-to-play game with the optional in-game purchases available that help you along the way. The game has some nice elements to it but one thing that somewhat annoys me and will annoy most gamers as well is the amount of in-games ads placed by Glu.

Mutant Roadkill can be downloaded from the Google Play market for free. You can get it from here.