Briker 2

FunLand, the website dedicated to flash games, has now released an Android game titled Briker 2, which is somewhat of a sequel to the original Briker by Ilarele. This time the game is set in a ice world where you spend every minute solving the frustrating but fun puzzles.

In Briker 2, your objective is to make the ice block stand vertically on the golden plate, by moving it across the map plates. If your block falls out of the map, you have to start all over again. You’ll also find special plates that add some new dangers, like the fragile ones: once you step on them, they break away. There’s more of them as well, that you can check out just after the first levels.

The game has solid mechanics and smooth, almost flawless, 3D graphics. The game supports both tablets and HD devices. The inclusion of a fun soundtrack is noteworthy as it keeps the game seem upbeat rather than the slow paced similar games we’ve seen in the past.

There are two versions of the game. The free version consists of 20 levels and includes ads while the retail version, which can be purchased for a mere $0.99, is ad-free and consists of 50 levels. You can download the free version from here and can buy the retail version from here.