Previously we had mentioned about the HTC One X’s durability after a series of drop tests while this time around its time to put the Samsung Galaxy S III under the knife.  Well there isn’t a whole lot of good news to share after watching this drop test go down to say the least. The Galaxy S III almost survived unscathed from the first drop, a four-foot fall on its back. Unfortunately, the glass of the camera cracked as the 8-megapixel rear camera tends to jut out the phone a bit.

The second fall, however, is where things really started to disintegrate. A corner drop from four feet totally destroyed the corner of the phone and sent a crack all the way from the bottom right corner of the phone to the top left corner of the screen. The phone was again dropped one more time from four feet on its face. That didn’t actually cause much damage, except for a little more scratching on the corner.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: a phone of this caliber shouldn’t be made of plastic. It was my one big complaint when the Galaxy S III was released, though I’m sure there are reasons for a plastic paneling. Either way, however, the plastic didn’t do much to protect the beastly phone, so if you’re a new or future owner, be sure to grab hold ofa good protective case and just try to be a little extra careful.