MoboPlayer gets pop up play feature

There are plenty of superb mp3 and movie players available in the Google Play Store. Though not all can do what Mobo Player can, its just like any other movie player, playing formats like mp4, mkv, mov etc. Yesterday it received a little update, which gave it a nifty new feature. The bragging rights for this feature was only available  to the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S III. If you guys haven’t still figured it out yet, then I’ll let you know, well its the “Pop-up Play” feature.

Mobo Player gets floating window update


This feature is basically that, your mobile device gets the PIP (picture in picture) capability. Imagine you are in the middle of watching you favorite TV show on your smart phone or tablet, and you remembered you have to email  your boss, but you also don’t want to close the show. This feature lets you shrink the video player into a window and you can work everything in the background, the video continues to play without a hitch, so you get your work done as well as not missing the show.Mobo Player is available at the Google Play Store.