Amazing Spider-Man for Android

Gameloft , the enormously popular game developing and publishing company, has released The Amazing Spider-Man’s game on your Android devices enabling you to swing, crawl and  fught all over Manhattan.

Amazing SpiderMan for Android Screeshot

The Amazing Spider-Man loosely follows the same plot as the movie which means that the game would be filled with bad guys around every corner and you, as Spider-Man, have to stop them. The game consists of 25 main missions and countless side missions, mostly which are unscripted, enough to keep you occupied for a long time.

To successfully save Manhattan from all those bad guys, you have to efficiently use all of Spider-Man’s fighting skills and so Gameloft has vastly improved on their fighting system. The game also includes a new selection of melee and ranged attacks, with the option of upgrading them over time.

Amazing SpiderMan for Android Screeshot

The game is set in a free-roaming Manhattan and so many boosts, power-ups and upgrades are scattered around the city so be sure to be on a lookout for them as the difficulty of the mission increases, more and more of these power-ups come in handy.

Amazing SpiderMan for Android Screeshot 2

The gameplay is simply amazing with graphics that are said to border 3rd generation consoles. The lighting, shades and shadows are almost too good to be true and the little details are what make Manhattan come alive. All of these visual treats are nicely accompanied by the soundtrack and sound effects.

The Amazing Spider-Man has an amazing gameplay, realistic graphics, and a plot that will keep you hooked and is a must have for not only serious gamers, but anyone who likes games.

Amazing SpiderMan for Android Screeshot 3

The Amazing Spider-Man is available on the Android Google Play store for $6.99 with the download link given below: